North Texas Martial Arts is a certified partner school of Freddie Poole Martial Arts; we leverage the same martial  arts curriculum as FPMA. North Texas Martial Arts is led by Master Steve Sosa, a true martial artist with over 30 years of experience and multiple accolades, who has dedicated his passion for martial arts into teaching and coaching students.

NTMA offers group and individual classes for all ages and abilities in the art of Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Boxing and Self-defense, as well as Private Lessons and Personal Training. 

Although standards are set high, each student at NTMA is evaluated on an individual basis to ensure progression on their own timeline. This approach ensures students achieve and earn rank on their own merit. We encourage our students to trust the process and enjoy it. Earning a black belt at NTMA is a once in a lifetime experience! The dedicated team of instructors at NTMA have taken their experience of martial arts and created a well-rounded training system for all ages. North Texas Martial Arts is the most balanced martial arts training system, combining traditional training elements with practical real world application. By integrating both of these elements into one system, one can truly train in mixed martial arts.

North Texas Martial Arts has a YouTube channel for students looking to have a better understanding of techniques taught in classes or for those just looking to brush up on their skills