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Freddie Poole’s Martial Arts® offers an exclusive hybrid training system that incorporates the traditional training values and principles of karate and tae-kwon-do with a contemporary system of combat, self-defense and fitness.

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Summer 2017 Karate Camp for Kids

Give you kids the opportunity to learn more about boosting leadership and teamwork skills, building and improving self confidence, self defense techniques, bully awareness as well as fun martial arts games and drills. 

Camp is designed for children ages 4-11 and provides the perfect summer getaway for kids interested in learning more about the many forms of martial art. 

Choose from 2 summer camp sessions: July 10th - July 14th & August 7th - August 11th. Its only a $25 deposit required to reserve a spot. 

FPMA location ONLY 


The key to our success is each discipline being introduced in stages to our student, rather than a front-loading program. This methodical approach ensures students are learning and mastering techniques at the highest level, as opposed to just going through motions. Additionally, we have a variety of skilled instructors teaching our programs. This gives students an advantage of learning martial arts from varied perspectives, which enhances the quality of the training. Each instructor at FPMA® is trained to recognize a student’s personality, learning style, and individual needs.


Come see for yourself why our martial arts system has been so popular for so many years. Our black belt instructors are here to help you achieve all your marital art and fitness goals.