Kick. Punch. Learn.

Freddie Poole’s Martial Arts® offers an exclusive hybrid training system that incorporates the traditional training values and principles of karate and tae-kwon-do with a contemporary system of combat, self-defense and fitness.

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Come train with our world class instructors and get in the best shape of your life. 

GET FIT TO FIGHT! (FPMA Lovers Lane Only) 

October 1st - October 30th // Classes offered: 

Monday-Thursday 6:30pm-7:30pm

Tuesday & Friday 6:30am-7:30am 

Saturday at 12:00pm 

Sign up by September 30th and pay just $99 


We are encouraging those that are competition ready to register for the New Breed Tournament. New Breed is open to all styles and skills level and the grand prize if $2,500!! 

Preregister online to by OCTOBER 30th to receive discounted entry fee and free event tee. New Breed Ultimate Challenge will be held at the Sportplex at Valley View, located at 5702 Alpha Road Dallas,TX. 

For more details go online to or ask any FPMA instructor! 


The key to our success is each discipline being introduced in stages to our student, rather than a front-loading program. This methodical approach ensures students are learning and mastering techniques at the highest level, as opposed to just going through motions. Additionally, we have a variety of skilled instructors teaching our programs. This gives students an advantage of learning martial arts from varied perspectives, which enhances the quality of the training. Each instructor at FPMA® is trained to recognize a student’s personality, learning style, and individual needs.


Come see for yourself why our martial arts system has been so popular for so many years. Our black belt instructors are here to help you achieve all your marital art and fitness goals.